Our Team

Who is KELLYBRADY? Well it’s all of us! Our diverse team is what makes KELLYBRADY, well KELLYBRADY. Take a moment and get to know us!

Here at KELLYBRADY our team of subject matter experts are the best in the business (in our humble opinion). From our dedicated Account Executives that communicate effectively with clients and within our team to maximize clients’ results. To our behind the scenes team members that pull the levers so to speak by scheduling TV spots, create Facebook ads, manage Google campaigns, create logos, build websites, receive and manage invoices and everything in between. And then you have our senior leadership team paving the way and keeping KELLYBRADY strong and ever growing. We are quite proud of our talented team, we invite you to learn about all of us.

Alicia Day

VP of Operations

Darren Case


Amber Garland

Accounts Payable

Alex Dovbnia

Website Developer

Amanda Davis

Project Manager

Brenna Weyel

Media Buyer

Chris Asan

Media Buyer

Courtney Brown

Marketing Director

Cristen Wilson

SEO Specialist

Donelle Schultz

Senior Account Executive

Erin Rockwood

Reporting Specialist

Gary Buddell

Website Developer

James Barber

Paid Media Digital Specialist

Jen Day

Account Executive

Kayla Hoener

Account Executive

Kelcey Boyce

Account Executive

Lori Butcher

Paid Media Digital Specialist

Michael Daubel

Social Media Manager

Mick Barber

IT/Reporting Director

Mike Koko

Software Engineer

Nichole Bouvette

Senior Account Executive

Rachelle Anders

Media Coordinator

Ryan Odle

Digital Media Manager

Samantha Anderson

Paid Media Digital Specialist

Scott Stucker

Art Director