Bounce is a user-friendly, online travel management platform designed for small businesses owners and business travelers. They offer several different plans and pricing options for the occasional business traveler all the way to the business owner with several frequent fliers. Bounce wanted to explore the �fun� side of business travel and appeal to those travelers that wanted a break from the stress and monotony of typical business travel. We opted to run a LinkedIn display campaign due to the platform�s extreme targeting ability and audience demographic. We chose to run display campaign targeting specific job titles likely to travel or book travel and layer in specific company sizes most likely to use Bounce travel platform. The display ads we created used bright colors with playful imagery that promoted a fun business travel experience. We also used a call-to-action that played extremely well off the company name, "Let's Bounce."

Social Media Advertising

With our image selection for the Bounce creative we wanted images that were fun and would pop while you are scrolling through your LinkedIn account.